River Merrimack is an advocacy and educational organization serving to protect the beauty, ecology and value of the Merrimack River watershed — from the White Mountains to the Gulf of Maine.

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Land Cover / Land Use
Major Subbasins
EPA Ecoregions

The Waters of the Merrimack

Merrimack River subbasins.
Major basins of the Merrimack

The Merrimack Watershed is five major river basins, ten smaller, and one very important estuary. Get to know them all!

Wildlife and Ecology

Bald Eagle, resident of the Merrimack

Many plants and animals take part in an ecology stretching from the White Mountains to Georges Bank and Cape Cod Bay!

People and the Rivers

People have been part of the story of the River for thousands of years.

Not all of the chapters are happy ones. But, that ending…

What We Do, What You Do

The path is clear!

About the work that River Merrimack does –
and  what YOU can be doing
for the river.

Vernal Pools Active – 2/25/2017!

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With the coming of this unusual warm weather, users on the VernalPool Yahoo Group have been reporting that pools in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire are activating — sightings of Wood Frogs,... READ MORE